Criag Stedman is unfit to be a judge

Craig Stedman wants to be a Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge. Please do NOT vote for him. Craig Stedman has never had a 'real' job. Never. He's ALWAYS worked for the govn't. He doesn't know what you, your family or your friends goes through to just make ends meet. He doesn't have any understanding of how hard it is to start and run a business. (Stedman's office budget increased 32.8% in the eight years he's been in charge! Click to see govn't website)

But that's not the reason you should reject Stedman as a candidate for Judge. Craig Stedman practices and believes that if you are 'connected' or are 'important' then you receive 'special' justice. Justice that allows you to escape consequences for your wrong doings. Click on the links below and we'll give you some examples of Stedman's wrong decisions. These decisions show that Stedman should NEVER be making judicial decisions.

Getting Away with Murder #1
When a local state representative's step brother-in-law shot and killed his 2 month old daughter, Craig Stedman made sure he got away with murder. That's right, while the father plead guilty, Stedman arranged for a 'punishment' of 6 months of probation! (click to read news story)

Getting Away with Murder #2
Imagine a woman shooting up with heroin and then picking up her kids and husband in a car? That's bad enough, but she then REAR-ENDED a truck, killing her son and husband! This wasn't just an ordinary addict - this was the sister of a powerful political ally, a County Commissioner. Not only didn't she get prosecuted but Craig Stedman PROSECUTED the truck driver! Thankfully the jury found the truck driver not guilty of vehicular homicide! It's dangerous to be on the wrong side of Craig Stedman! And the woman? She received a settlement from the trucking company which is SEALED so we don't know how much she got! (click to read news story)

Stealing & Walking!
A couple of Franklin & Marshall basketball stars were caught on video burglarizing the bar below their dorm and were charged with 3 felonies and a misdemeanor. Craig Stedman conspired with F&M President John Fry to get the 'boys' a slap on the wrist! The charges were erased two years later and today the rich kids have absolutely clean records. How clean? The one is now serving as a deputy United States Attorney General - a prosecutor! When you have powerful friends like Craig Stedman - justice is special! (click to read news story)

Sex in Stedman's Office!
Craig Stedman's number one underling had a blatant affair with another prosecutor. Stedman was well aware of affair between married boss/underling and despite the inappropriateness, did NOTHING to stop it. If Stedman can't enforce the County's sexual conduct between supervisor and subordinates policy, what would his attitude be when a similar issue comes before his court?

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